I find it strange that in todays day and age people think that they should never have to climb the totem pole. Everybody wants everything to be handed to them, nobody wants to work for what they have. I see it every day through my friends and even select family members, laziness. I attribute this quality to the amount of video games kids are playing now a days. There is no competition anymore, you lose at a video game and it doesn’t matter, there will be another round in 2 minutes. When I was younger everything was about competition. Me and my friends would compete for more ice time at hockey, compete to see who was going to lift the most weight in the gym, even compete at things as dumb as seeing who could eat the most. Since there is no competition anymore no-one is afraid of losing, no-one has to face any adversity. When I was still playing hockey I can remember having to fight day in and day out for my spot in the lineup. There were even a few times that I just didn’t cut it and watched the game from the stands. This left a sour taste in my mouth and drove me to work harder so I would never have that feeling again. I think that competition brings out the best in people. I believe that life is a competition no matter how many participation medals we give out their always needs to be a winner.

Overcoming Adversity
Feb,26, 2016
Feb.9, 2019


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